“Shameless” will be airing its Season 4 finale on Sunday, April 6. And if “Lazarus,” is anything like last night’s episode of the Showtime series, well then fans can expect an hour filled with drama, drama, drama.

Here’s where we left off with the Gallagher clan when episode 11, “Emily,” concluded. Not only did one of the show’s biggest plot points get solved -- Frank’s quest for finding a liver -- but fans also got their fill of happy endings when Mickey opened up to his family about his sexuality. That’s right, Mickey came out. And his macho father was none too pleased, resulting in a physical family feud -- Milkovich style. Eventually Mickey’s dear old dad ended up getting thrown into the back of a cop car. It was only a matter of time before Mickey revealed his secret. But we’re you surprised with how he did it?

In episode 12, fans will get to see the extent of Mickey’s soft side when he tells his wife that Ian is not to be kicked out of his home. “He’s family,” he tells the mother of his child. That seems to be fine with her, all she asks is that Mickey helps around the house. “Or else I stab you and orange boy in the heart,” she said sternly as the baby cried in the background. Ian seems to be in a funk. As all of this is going on, he remains bundled up in a sea of blankets.

Mickey and his wife aren’t the only one’s having domestic issues. Apparently, Frank is now married -- to Sheila! After spending most of episode 11 in a state of confusion, Frank is finally coming back to his senses. But soon all of that will change when the patient learns he’s a husband.

“Mrs. Gallagher, I told you to stay off the bed. You’re going to rip out his staples,” a nurse warns. Frank’s face immediately goes into a state of bewilderment.

“Mrs. Gallagher?” he asks. “We’re married? Since when?”

“Oh, hunny. You’re a hoot!” Sheila replies. “I think he’s in pain.”

If we’ve learned anything about Frank, it’s that he’s not the marrying kind. Or at least that’s what the self-centered protagonist has proved time and time again. Yep, something’s definitely fishy about this scenario. And we think it has something to do with Sheila and Maggie. During a sneak peek promo for episode 12, we see the two ladies talking about Frank’s future.

Sheila tells Sammi that she would appreciate it if Frank’s daughter was no longer in her house. “And I forgive you for selling the furniture,” Sheila adds. Moments later we see Sammi storming down the hospital hallway furiously, threatening Sheila. “I’m going to f*** you up,” she howls.

Shameless season 4 finale spoilers Who do you think would win in a fight for Frank? Sheila or Sammi? Photo: Shameless

But despite all the chaos occurring in the Season 4 finale, we’re sure you’re wondering what will happen to Fiona and the kids. Despite her crazy behavior over the past four seasons, we’ve been cheering on Fiona. But, she’s disappointed us in the last few episodes with her irresponsible and Frank-ish ways. In “Lazarus,” which refers to a name or surname derived from the Hebrew term “God has helped,” we witness Fiona undergoing drug testing.

“I’m not going to find nothing in that cup that makes me unhappy?” Fiona’s parole officer says. The sullen character assures her. But we have a feeling that cup is contaminated. During previews for the season finale, we see Fiona pleading with an officer that she hasn’t taken anything. Uh oh, could Fiona have made some enemies within the prison walls?

What do you think is going to happen during the Season 4 finale of “Shameless”? Let us know your predictions for “Lazarus” in the comments section below.