Did anyone else feel like you were watching “The Hangover” part 4 tonight? “Shameless” kicked off episode 4, “A Night To Remem… Wait, What?,” with Frank (William H. Macy) retracing his steps after a seriously wild night that included the purchase of a Porsche, an insane hotel party and a hit and run.

So what exactly lead up to all these shenanigans? Well, let’s just say $121,000, narcotics and an addict don’t mix very well. Frank blew his insurance claim money (which he received for breaking his femur) in just a few hours. But he spent the entire following day attempting to piece together his expensive night after blacking out.

While Frank frantically searched for his missing dough, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) spent her day cuddled up with new beau Gus (Steve Kazee) as he serenaded her with “the ballad of sweaty balls.” Fiona seemed completely smitten, even admitting to co-workers how happy she is with the drama-free Gus.

But little did Fi know Gus was just as infatuated with her as she was with him. As Fiona waited on her man during her shift, he told her after two short weeks he had fallen in love with her. At first Fiona seemed taken aback but viewers saw her quickly change her tune during a conversation with Vee (Shanola Hampton).

“I’m freaking out. I’m like tingling!” she said. But Vee wasn’t interested in Fiona’s fairy tale romance -- especially with the lack-of-love she was getting at home. Kev (Steve Howey) proved too busy to please his woman because of the two other ladies who have captured his heart -- his twin daughters. After begging Kev to take her out on a date night, he declined claiming that he didn’t trust anyone enough to take care of his babies. So, Vee called Fiona to be her date for the night.

Their girl’s night out consisted of dressing to the nines and hitting a club. But their outing was cut short after Vee got a little too excited on the dance floor. She revealed to Fiona that after 2 minutes of grinding on the dance floor, she experienced a feeling that she hasn’t had in awhile: an orgasm.

“Did I just cheat on Kev?” she asked Fiona after the two fled the club.

As Vee returned home, Fiona decided to head back to Gus’s house to spend the rest of the night with him. That’s when she revealed she’s falling in love with him, too. After multiple sex sessions and the devouring of pancakes, Gus cooked up the crazy idea that the two of them get hitched. He revealed his parents, who are still together, got married after knowing each other for less than a week. So who was to say two weeks was too early for them?

Fiona agreed and the next thing audiences know Gus is placing a rubber band ring around Fi’s finger in court. Although she initially seemed thrilled with the idea of being Gus’s wife, Fiona realized her family was missing from her big day. Could she be regretting her decision to marry Gus? Or at least be regretting her decision to do it without her family present for the ceremony?

Other major moments of the night:

  • Debbie (Emma Kinney) picked up boxing after getting into a fight with girls from her school. Also, she may have landed herself a new crush who trains in the same gym as her.
  • Lip (Jeremy Allen White) upgraded spending summer in Chicago to enjoying his break in Florida with Amanda (Nichole Bloom). At first her parents weren’t too happy to see him considering they paid him $10,000 not to date their daughter. But after a few hours Lip was bonding -- and lighting up -- with Amanda’s dad.
  • Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) picked up dealing drugs as a new gig in episode 4 but ended up losing more money than he was making after he accidentally gave a customer more drugs than was paid for.
  • Ian (Cameron Monaghan) has gone off the deep end. He stole suitcases from the airport and sold the contents to make a few bucks. Mickey (Noel Fisher) is just starting to confront Ian's problematic situation.

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