“Shameless” kicked off Season 5 on a pretty wild note: Fiona (Emmy Rossum) was trying to juggle a slew of persistent and possible romantic suitors, Vee (Shanola Hampton) was struggling with the dirty aspect of motherhood and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) was battling depression (not to mention a seriously scandalous sexual appetite). However, one of the most notable parts of the Season 5 premiere was the evolution of the once-untamed Lip (Jeremy Allen White).

When Lip returned home from college, something about the South Side hoodlum had changed. Instead of joining in on the narcotic fun with his fellows Chicagoans, Lip opted to spend his first day back with his family – an odd move for the formerly rambunctious character. But that was only the beginning to the weirdness we witnessed in regards to Lip’s transformation.

In one of the last scenes in episode 1, there was Lip lying awake in his bed as his friends shouted for him to come down and join them in some night-time antics. But he ignored their pleas and did something out of the ordinary: texted a girl – a girl named Amanda (Nichole Bloom).

Lip had been seeing Amanda before college ended for the summer. But before Amanda headed to Miami to soak up the sun, she asked Lip if he was planning to see other people during the break. His answer? A shrugging “I don’t know.” But it seemed clear in “Milk of the Gods” that Lip wanted them to be exclusive, considering he opted to check up on Amanda rather than go out with the boys.

But what does this mean for his relationship/friendship with Mandy Milkovich (Emma Greenwell)? Will the changed Lip see his former flame in a different light now that his priorities have been altered? According to “Shameless” Executive Producer Nancy Pimental, things between the two South Side kids aren’t completely over.

“We definitely have a little bit left over this season where it’s kind of one last-ditch effort,” she teased to TVLine. “Are they going to make it?” But the EP explained that if fans are waiting for the duo to rekindle in some romantic moment, they shouldn’t hold their breath. Mandy essentially “represents [Lip’s] old way and his old life, and that’s just not who he is anymore,” she added.

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