Singer Shania Twain is now engaged to a Swiss businessman Frédéric Thiébaud whose former wife Marie Anne broke Twain’s marriage back in 2008. Grammy-award winning producer Robert Mutt Lange left Shania Twain after 14 years of marriage for Frederic’s wife.

According to entertainment Web site E! News, Thiébaud, a Swiss Nestlé business exec, asked Shania to marry him nearly two months ago but their engagement became public when Twain was seen wearing the engagement ring last week at New York restaurant, Serafina. However, there is still no information on the wedding date.

The romance between Shania Twain and Frederic started when they leaned on each other after their respective former spouses had an affair. They had previously said they were just friends but were spotted travelling around the world together on several occasions.

Lange left Shania in 2008 after he had fallen in love with Marie Anne, who was at the time, also Shania’s best friend. At that time, Marie Anne had claimed she is not the one to cause the breakup of Shania’s marriage, saying there were many “complicated” reasons behind it.
While Anne refused to divulge those reasons, those curious about it could look forward to Shania’s soon-to-be –published autobiography which is bound to delve on the matter.