A German tourist has been killed by a shark at Egypt's Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. Earlier this week three Russians and a Ukrainian tourist were badly mauled by shark. One of the victims lost an arm, while the other lost a foot in the attacks. Officials, who closed down the waters for brief period, re-opened it after environment ministry's Thursday announcement that two sharks were caught.

The German tourist reportedly died on spot after her arm and both her legs were ripped off by the shark. She was snorkeling in Naama Bay which is believed to be infested by oceanic white tip shark. The waters off Sharm el-Sheikh have been closed to watersports following the incident

Egypt's beaches attract an estimated four million tourists every year. Fearing that the recent attacks would cut down the number of tourists, over the past one week, authorities have begun measures to capture the sharks with the help of NGOs.