When the Discovery Channel kicks off the 25th anniversary of Shark Week on Sunday, plenty of fans will be tuning in, via TV or by online streaming. Discovery has been hyping the anniversary of the summer institution by offering previews and flashbacks on their website as well as putting a camera on the bottom of the Georgia Aquarium, which allows viewers to see a live feed of sharks swimming around. "Shark Week's Shark Cam" can be found by clicking here.

In recent years the Discovery Channel has been praised for its success in attracting attention to Shark Week through social media. This year, it has its own channel on socialcam.com, which will let anyone who missed a program catch up by watching highlights. There are also previews for coming shows, and videos are updated often.

While the new programs will air at 9 p.m. from Sunday through Thursday, old Shark Week footage will air at 8 each night and at other times throughout the week. Fans are encouraged to follow along using the Twitter hashtag #SharkWeek, which was trending for much of the week last summer.

Sunday's debut is called "Air Jaws Apocalypse," a program following filmmaker Jeff Kurr and shark expert Chris Fallows as they track a 4,000-pound great white shark they named Colossus off the coast of South Africa, according to OregonLive.com. Fans of Shark Week will recognize Fallows from his 2010 stint on "Ultimate Air Jaws," when he was able to photograph and film breaching great white sharks as they attacked a foam decoy of a seal.

There's a point in Sunday's premiere when Kurr is trying to capture video but breaks loose and is all alone among the circling sharks. Watch a preview of "Colossus" below.

Also poised to excite viewers are "Shark Fight" and "How 'Jaws' Changed the World," both of which will air early in the week. "Shark Fight" is about shark attack survivors that have turned their lives into shark-preservation efforts while the latter show will examine how the public's perception of sharks changed after "Jaws" became one of the most popular movies of all time. It also could be an explanation as to why sharks seem to hold a special place in the minds of many people.

 "Air Jaws Apocalypse" - Sunday 12 at 9

"Shark Week's Impossible Shot" - Sunday at 10

"Sharkzilla" - Monday at 9

"Mythbusters Jawsome Shark Special" - Monday at 10

"How 'Jaws' Changed The World" - Tuesday at 9

"Adrift: 47 Days With Sharks" - Tuesday at 10

"Shark Fight" - Aug. 15 at 9

"World's Scariest Animal Attacks" - Aug. 15 at 10

"Great White Highway" - Aug. 16 at 9

"Shark Week's 25 Best Bites" - Aug. 16 at 10