sharknado nyc About 40 crew members of Sharknado 3 are on strike for a contract with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE). In this photo, a shot from Sharknado 2. Photo: Syfy

Only a day after “Sharknado 2: The Second One” took the world by storm, fans can already look forward to another sequel next summer.

Syfy announced plans for a “Sharknado 3” next year in a press release saying, “Los Angeles and New York were not enough! Coming in summer 2015, another city will be devoured by flying sharks when the new Original Movie ‘Sharknado 3’ premieres. But which city will it be…”

Ian Ziering, star of the Syfy franchise, told FOX News he thinks “Sharknado” will become a regular summer event.

"They’ve already green-lit 'Sharknado 3' and because it’s a television movie they can turn these around pretty quickly," Ziering said. "It doesn’t make sense as a series, but as a summer event they’ll have a year of hype to build up to it and as long as the fans continue to want it, Syfy will continue to bring it."

So, which city will be ravaged by “Sharknado” next summer? We came up with a couple possibilities…


Chicago Sharknado Where will "Sharknado" go next? Photo: Reuters

What better place for “Sharknado 3” to hit than the Windy City? We’d love to see Al Roker back explaining how the lake winds are making this summers “Sharknado” even more intense. Plus, after two movies on the coasts, it’s time to bring “da sharks” to the Midwest. Does it matter that there are no oceans or sharks anywhere near Chicago? We think Syfy can find a way to stretch the science a bit more.


Boston Sharknado Where will "Sharknado" go next? Photo: Reuters

“Sharknado 2” went above and beyond in its attempt to capture the spirit of New York in the movie and the next logical destination for a dose of regional attitude would be Boston. The Mets game in Wednesday night’s premiere would have nothing on a “Sharknado” over Fenway. The accents would be pure gold as residents implored the sharks not to mess with their “Sox.”


London Sharknado Where will "Sharknado" go next? Photo: Reuters

We think “Sharknado 3: British Invasion” has a nice ring to it. It’s only a matter of time before the franchise goes global and we’d love to see a “Sharknado” ravaging Big Ben and Buckingham palace.


After countless attacks by Godzilla, maybe no city is more ready for a “Sharknado” than Tokyo. We’d love to see the havoc it would cause in the most populated city in the world. We also can't imagine what reason the writers would use to get Ian Ziering’s character, Fin, to Japan.

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