Shaunie O’Neal made one thing clear on Season 5, episode 4 of VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA”: she’s not trying to be best friends with Brandi Maxiell. The two have been at odds ever since Brandi disrespected Shaunie during the Season 4 finale.

On Sunday’s episode, Brandi agreed to meet with Shaunie to try and squash their feud but their meetup turned into another disagreement very fast. During Brandi and Shaunie’s lunch, Brandi explains that she was upset with Shaunie for going on a radio show and saying that Brandi called her a “million” times begging for her job back. Brandi says that wasn’t true, but Shaunie claims Brandi did call her several times trying to see if she was still going to be on “Basketball Wives: LA.” The two can't seem to see eye-to-eye on the situation, and Malaysia Pargo jumps in trying to fix the situation. Malaysia tells everyone that they shouldn’t be arguing with each other, and Shaunie agrees but tells Brandi that she’s “literally done” with her.

Brandi and Shuanie aren’t the only ones struggling to fix their strained relationship. Earlier in the episode, Angel Love and Brandi exchanged some words at Angel Brinks’ party over a comment Angel Love made about Shaunie being everyone’s boss. Brandi feels that Angel Love, who’s new on the cast, should mind her business. Because Brandi is so frustrated, she calls Malaysia to explain what’s going on with her and Angel Love. Malaysia, who wasn’t at the party, shows up a little while later wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt with no makeup on and her hair pulled back. It appears that Malaysia is ready to fight somebody, and wants to know which Angel Brandi was having an issue with. Angel Love had already left the party before Malaysia arrived and Angel Brinks tries to calm the situation down by asking Malaysia to talk. Malaysia, who’s beefing with Angel Brinks, brushes her off and gets in her car and leaves.

DJ Duffey, who is also new to the cast, likes that Malaysia was so quick to defend Brandi and asks Malaysia to meet her for lunch. Duffey and Malaysia’s initial meeting got off to a rocky start but the two seem to be becoming friends now.

Episode 4 of “Basketball Wives: LA” wasn’t all about drama and arguing. Angel Brinks shares a touching moment with her 8-year-old son. During a shopping trip, Angel asks her son why he told someone he doesn’t have a father. Angel explains during her confessional that her son’s father committed suicide when she was nine months pregnant, and it’s still hard for her to talk about it. Angel Brinks and her son start crying about it, but she tells him that everything is going to be OK.