Basketball Wives LA Season 5 recap
Malaysia Pargo is still feuding with her “Basketball Wives: LA” co-star Angel Brinks (not pictured). VH1

Basketball Wives: LA” fans got a double dose of the drama Sunday night when VH1 aired two brand new episodes back-to-back. In episode 2 of Season 5, fans watched as Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell’s close bond seemed to unravel over Brandi’s friendship with newbie DJ Duffey. In episode 3, Malaysia and Angel Brinks confront each other over a disagreement they had last season and their meetup only seems to make the situation worse.

Episode 2 kicks off with Angel telling Jackie Christie that she still feels disrespected by Malaysia. The two ladies got into a fight last season when Malaysia dissed Angel because one of her dresses didn’t fit Malaysia right for an event she had. Their feud escalates when Malaysia apparently hears Angel say during a radio interview that she wants to punch her in the face.

Later in the episode, Angel and Malaysia run into each other at a “Welcome to LA” party Brandi throws for Duffey. Malaysia completely ignores Angel and leaves the party early because she thinks it’s boring and she doesn’t want to be around Angel. Brandi and Jackie try to convince Malaysia to stay but she doesn’t want to. Back at the party, Duffey wants to know why Malaysia left and Brandi lies and tells her that it had something to do with Malaysia’s son. Duffey doesn’t believe her and questions Jackie about the real reason Malaysia bolted. Jackie tells Duffey, Angel Brinks and her friend Angel Love that Malaysia left because she thought the party was whack and because of her beef with Angel Brinks. Angel Love wants to know what happened between Malaysia and Angel Brinks, and Brandi goes off on her, telling her to mind her business. When Jackie says she thinks Malaysia owes Angel Brinks an apology, Brandi gets annoyed and says her BFF is the one who should receive an apology. Brandi eventually leaves the party because she’s tired of arguing with the girls.

On episode 3, Brandi meets with Malaysia to talk about her leaving her party early. Malaysia explains that she was in a bad mood and wanted everyone to have a good time, so she thought it was best she just leave. Even though Brandi is annoyed her friend left she and Malaysia are still cool. However, Duffey later tells Brandi that she doesn’t think Malaysia is a true friend because of how she’s been acting. Brandi just wants Duffey to give Malaysia another chance.

Also during the episode, Angel Brinks and Malaysia finally meet up to talk out their differences but the meeting goes downhill and they start arguing over who was right and who was wrong. Angel Brinks wants Malaysia to show her some respect, and Malaysia wants Angel Brinks to keep her name out her mouth. The episode ends with Angel Brinks throwing a party for her fashion line, and Malaysia showing up in sweat pants like she’s about to fight somebody.