Normally, signs warn drivers to slow down for SCHOOL X-ING. But on one street on the Lower East Side, they are warned about SHCOOL X-ING.

The embarrassing typo, first reported by, was apparently made last summer, but it has gone unfixed and largely unnoticed since then. Sheepish city officials promised to fix it promptly.

The message is painted on Stanton Street in front of Marta Valle High School -- perhaps an apt location, given that the principal of Marta Valle was recently accused of under-reporting violent altercations and artificially inflating attendance numbers in an attempt to prevent the city from closing the school for underperforming.

Nothing surprises me anymore at this school, PTA President Linda Surles told The New York Post. What's ironic is that the principal has probably painted the lunchroom and rooms inside over about five times since 2010. She's probably spent $100,000 in paint doing and redoing the inside of the school, but she doesn't notice this right outside her door!

The Department of Transportation said the mistake was made not by the city, but by a contractor that dug up part of the street to work on utility lines and then repaired the street shoddily.

But passersby said they couldn't believe officials hadn't spotted it sooner.

Regardless of who painted it, someone from the school should have been outside supervising, or noticed it by now, an anonymous city worker told The Post. This is sloppy work.