Wiz Khalifa may not be 'Young, Wild and Free' for much longer.

Rapper Cameron Jibril Thomaz, who goes by the name Wiz Khalifa proposed to his model girlfriend Amber Rose on Thursday, March 1, announcing the news soon afterwards on Twitter to 4.5 million followers with an image of Rose's hand with the engagement ring on it and the words, She Said Yes!!

Amber Rose, who had previously dated Hip Hop mogul Kanye West, also tweeted the same photo in celebration, with the message he has made me the Happiest Woman in the World.

Khalifa and Rose have been dating for almost two years, following the voluptuous model's high profile breakup with Kanye. The news should come as know surprise, as Rose recently told Celebuzz that the two were considering tying the knot and starting a family.

We definitely want to get married, but right now we're both just really really busy, she told Celebuzz, adding, When we do get married, we want to get married and have babies. And be able to have time to spend with each other.

Rose, whose trademark feature is her shaved head, also praised her boyfriend when appearing on MTV last month, saying, He's so freaking cute, that's my baby right there. He's beautiful, he's perfection to me. I don't see any flaws when I look at him.

It was previously rumored that the two had gotten engaged in September 2011, although it was quickly dispelled. However, they were living next door to each other in the same apartment building.

When we met, we fell in love and then he moved to L.A. and he wound up moving in my building and we just started our life like that together, she told MTV. It's good, we're not married yet, and it's good that we still have our separate places. I have a lot of clothes, so my clothes are not going to fit in his condo at all.

Twitter users quickly passed around the news of the couple's engagement, and offered their own opinions, ranging from congratulatory to cynical to humorous.

@mindlesssophiaa: I could imagine Kanye West interrupting Wiz and Amber Rose wedding #weddingcrasher

@myswag_khalil : Wiz and Amber Rose getting married ... That gives you baldheaded females hope you can still get a successful man .

@MattyThaDaddy: iGive Wiz And Amber Rose 6 Months...They'll Be Divorced Before 2013

@_GottaBeEpic: Wiz And Amber Rose Gettin Married #Cute

@xCryMeARivera: Wiz and Amber Rose are getting married! Congrats to them!!