Shia LaBeouf was arrested Friday in Austin, Texas, taken to the Travis County jail and charged with public intoxication, TMZ reported. LaBeouf was reportedly intoxicated when he ran on a street and jaywalked in front of the police.

According to the TMZ report, police officials had warned him but LaBeouf did not listen and continued to act in a bizarre manner. The police officials then handcuffed him. The TMZ report also cited a witness who said that LaBeouf and a woman were trying to enter a bar before the incident happened, but were denied entry because they were too intoxicated. LaBeouf reportedly started swearing and tried to force himself into the bar. LaBeouf and the woman left after being denied entry.

KVUE, a local network affiliated with USA Today, reported that LaBeouf also tried to cross a “Don’t Walk” sign.

Last year, the actor was arrested at the Broadway musical “Cabaret” in New York for drunken behavior and charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct. He was allegedly smoking during the show, using obscene language and was under the influence of alcohol. Police officials arrested him after he refused to leave the premises when asked by security guards at the theater.

A judge had ordered him in March to spend three months in rehab and display good behavior for six months after the incident to get the charges dropped.