Covering breaking news can be frantic. KTLA television anchor Courtney Friel found that out firsthand when a shirtless man asked her out while was covering a wildfire in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., live.

In a video posted Wednesday to YouTube by KTLA, which you can view above, Friel asks the man, who is walking his dog in the area, if he “lives around here.”

“Yeah. Wow, you’re super pretty. Do you wanna go on a date sometime?” the man asks.

Friel deflects the question, saying, “We’re on the air live right now on KTLA, actually.” The anchor continues in a professional mode, asking the shirtless man if he lives in one of the homes and if he is evacuating. 

“I live down the street. I was just checking out the fire,” he responds. When asked what he thinks of the blaze, he says, “It’s pretty cool.”

Friel says other residents didn’t concur.

“All I know is, we’ve been talking to several people coming out of here and they are really scared,” the KTLA anchor says. “I mean, just looking at the fire, it lights up at times and it gets really dark -- almost like a tornado. That’s the best way to describe it.”