A new, hilariously simple website has been created with the intention of ending the debate over whether or not people should dress in blackface for Halloween.

The website, www.shouldidressinblackfacethishalloween.com, is perhaps the easiest and quickest way for people to get valuable knowledge about whether or not blackface is ever appropriate. In light of recent news stories about people -- and even a celebrity -- callously wearing blackface to Halloween parties, it seems that it is still an issue that needs clarification for some dense people.

The website literally consists of nothing more than a gray background with the word "NO" written in large letters in response to the question that gave the site its name. And it seems to be a hit, as it went viral on social media sites Tuesday.

"Should I Dress In Blackface This Halloween?" was created on Monday by someone in Toronto that has chosen to remain anonymous, according to website registry record-keeping site Whois.

But really, the question and answer are much more important than who created the site, especially in the wake of recent cases of people donning blackface for offensive Halloween costumes.

The most shocking example of this racist phenomenon so far this Halloween season comes to us from Florida, where a person painted his face black and wore a fake-blood-smeared sweatshirt in order to play the part of Trayvon Martin, while his friend dressed as George Zimmerman. Martin was a black, unarmed teenager who was shot dead in Florida by Zimmerman, a full-grown, self-styled neighborhood watchman who was later found not guilty of murdering Martin. 

But even celebrities are not immune from making bad decisions, as former "Dancing With The Stars" star Julianne Hough caused a scandal by painting her face brown in order to look like Crazy Eyes, one of the characters from the hit Netflix TV show "Orange Is The New Black," about women in prison, for an early Halloween party.

They're probably now wishing that www.shouldidressinblackface.com had existed before they got dressed up.