UPDATE 4:29 p.m. EDT: Angilau has died of his injuries after being shot, the FBI tells the Associated Press.


Original story:

Federal defendant and alleged Tongan Crip member Siale Angilau was shot by a U.S. marshal on the first day of his trial Monday in Salt Lake City after he reportedly lunged at a witness with a sharp object, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Angilau, 25, is facing trial on charges of shooting two U.S. marshals in August 2007, according to the Utah paper. Mark Dressen, the FBI assistant special agent in charge for Salt Lake, said Angilau was shot by a U.S. marshal after the reputed Tongan Crip member charged the witness stand with a pen or a pencil.

Dressen said Angilau was breathing but further details on the 25-year-old’s condition was unknown. The FBI agent said the witness on the stand wasn’t hurt.

The federal courthouse was newly constructed. It is a Level 4 security building, which means courthouse personnel check IDs of everyone entering. It's also illegal to bring weapons into the building.