After months of watching, multiple setbacks and more breathless status updates than the National Zoo during panda mating season, its official: Sid the Kid is back.

Sidney Crosby will play in the Pittsburgh Penguins home game against the New York Islanders Monday night according to reports, his first game in nearly 11 months following two hits knocked him out with a concussion. The first hit took place during the Winter Classic against the Washington Capitals last year while the second took happened days later in a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Crosby has been practicing with full contact since Oct. 13, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Crosby's long absence has led to what many believe was a needed discussion about hits to the head in hockey. Though other players had suffered concussions from hits to the head before, losing Crosby for nearly a calendar year sent shock waves through the sport as the game lost its most marketable and arguably most talented player.

For the last month, each week has brought reports that Crosby was set to return, with each alleged comeback date passing without an appearance from number 87. 

Tomorrows game figures to be especially electric because not only is Crosby returning, but the Penguins and Islanders have residual bad blood with each other following multiple fight filled games late last season while Crosby was still out.