Italian authorities on Wednesday, said they have identified the 17th victim of the Costa Concordia cruise ship accident as a German woman named Siglinde Stumpf.

The cruise ship ran aground on Italy's west coast on Jan. 13. Fifteen other people are reported missing.

The Associated Press reported that the search for the missing has been hindered by rough seas. A decision was also made to not keep looking within the submerged hulk of the ship because it is now considered too dangerous.

The AP also reported that a film of oil spread from the Costa Concordia cruise ship on Wednesday. There has been mounting fears that an environmental disaster could happen in the area. The ship is said to contain some 500,000 gallons or 2,400 tons, of heavy fuel and other pollutants.

The water in which the ship wreck happened is said to be a home to dolphins, whales and other marine life. The oil film is apparently spreading from the stern, The AP reported.

Authorities are trying to determine the seriousness and how extensive the spread was, the news organization reported.