“Marvel: Puzzle Quest” expands its reach to the cosmos, as the legendary Silver Surfer joins the roster as the mobile game’s first five-star character. The herald of Galactus will be coming to the game on Sept. 10, but can only be accessed through the game’s new legendary packs, which will feature four-star characters and future five-star characters.

According to an interview with Marvel, the development team at Demiurge Studios decided to add five-star characters as a way to make the game more challenging. While new events and characters have been introduced, it was easy for players to rely on a powered up Thor or Wolverine to get through some of the toughest fights in the game. The addition of Silver Surfer and other five star characters will make the game tougher.

Silver Surfer will be able to shoot concussive blasts for damage and create black-hole tiles to give players advantages in the battlefield. The cosmic being will also be able to self-heal, making him a useful ally and a troublesome enemy. His leveled up abilities have not been explained yet, though they usually result in more powerful versions of the attack, but with a few new side effects.

Leveling up the Silver Surfer or any other five-star character will not be easy though, Bam Smack Pow reported. Characters rely on covers to level up their powers and getting new covers for five-star characters will be difficult, since they will only be available through Legendary Packs.

Players will be able to get these Legendary Packs in a variety of ways. These packs will be available as rewards through story and versus events that will take place after the Surfer’s release date. “Deadpool’s Daily Quest” will also provide Legendary Packs as prizes, provided that the player completes the difficult battle with a four-star character.

“Marvel: Puzzle Quest” is currently available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is a free download, so any Marvel fan interested in it can try it out without having to spend anything, though in-app purchases are an optional part of the game, for those that are impatient.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Community Video - Brand New 5 Star Character (Credit: YouTube/Marvel Puzzle Quest)