EA, publisher of the troubled but popular SimCity city-simulation game, posted an update on its forums today revealing that SimCity will be getting patched to version 4.0 tomorrow.

Here's a list of some of the significant changes that will be made as a result of this patch:

- New SimCity Launch Park, an exclusive pack for "early adopters."

- New region: Edgewater Bay, which features seven cities sites in one cluster with a single work site.

- Server information will be shown in the Options menu.

- More rollover information will be shown for buildings. For example, you'll be told whether a park or shopping has made a building's occupants happy. To this point, the information provided to the player was more generic.

Some other features will be reenabled once patch 4.0 lands tomorrows. These include:

- Global Market prices will dynamically change while you're playing SimCity.

- Leaderboards will be made active on these servers immediately after the patch is applied: EU West 3, Pacific 1 and Pacific 2. Leaderboards will be made available on additional servers throughout the day.

- Region filters will be made available on all of SimCity's servers, giving players the ability to search for games by certain criteria including Map Name, Sandbox Mode and Abandoned Cities. Read about the full changes here.

What do you think of these changes? Do you think that it will convince more players to return to SimCity after the game's problematic launch issues? What changes do you wish EA would make to SimCity with this and/or future patches? Sound off in the comments below.