Microsoft executive Larry Hryb participated in a live online chat with gamers via Yahoo, where he revealed that the Xbox One will be both 3-D and 4-K capable. Hryb also addressed other issues including always-on connectivity, used games, Kinect and more. Here is the full word-for-word transcript of the chat that Yahoo held with Hryb today.

3:59: Jason Gilbert, Yahoo News:

Hi everyone! I'm Yahoo News technology editor Jason Gilbert, and we are very excited to be joined by Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, for a chat about the Xbox One.

4:00: Jason Gilbert, Yahoo News:

Hi Larry!

4:00: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Hello! I am Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson...I work on the Xbox team that developed Xbox LIVE, Xbox 360 and now Xbox One.

4:01 Comment From Max

Larry, could you please provide some more clarity as to how users will be able to play used games on the Xbox One?

4:01: Jason Gilbert, Yahoo News:

(We're going to be taking one question at a time, because Major Nelson is only one man.)

4:02: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

We are still months away from the launch of Xbox One & policy decisions are still being finalized.

4:04: Comment From mike

How long ago where you talking about xbox one within the xbox team?

4:05: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

We've been thinking about Xbox One for a few years now.

4:05: Comment From Mikayla

Could you clarify the situation regarding multiple accounts on ONE console. My boyfriend and I both have our own accounts. Will we be made to pay twice for 1 game in order for us both to use our own accounts?

4:06: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

As I noted earlier we're still working on some of the policies..but our goal is that it would work like it works today on Xbox 360.

4:07: Comment From Ivan

Major,why do you think gamers should buy XboxOne?



4:09: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Today's gamers want access to great games...the Xbox One will have great games powered by Xbox LIVE. We've worked hard to create the ultimate All In One Console. BTW : We have a LOT more gaming news to share at E3 :)



4:10: Jason Gilbert, Yahoo News:

A question a lot of you are asking: What's behind the name "Xbox One," and how did you convince the entire world that it was going to be called the Xbox 720?

4:10: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

I wanted to share what our new controller looks like. We're very proud of the design and what the team has done to make one of gamings best controllers even better

4:11: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Xbox One because it is the ultimate all-in-one entertainment system.

4:12: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

As far 720 is concerned...that was a name the community came up with. We never considered that name.

4:12: Comment From Robert Stokes

Mr.Hyrb what do you believe separates the xbox one from the ps4 gaming related

4:14: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Well, Xbox LIVE for one. We're very proud of the service that we've built. 48 Million people agree with us. That is just one of the things. Now, I have not had a chance to spend time with the console, so we'll have to wait until their final product launches before I can really comment.

4:14: Comment From Joe

Hi Larry. There seems to be some confusion in the media on how frequently users must connect to the internet to use the Xbox One. Will this be as frequent as once a day as rumored or will we be able to use the console for extended periods of time without an active connection? Thank you.

4:16: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Answer: No. It does not have to be always connected but it does require an internet connection.

4:17: Comment From Sam

What are Microsoft doing to welcome smaller, independent developers to the Xbox One?

4:20: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

We're working on a plan for Xbox One is a platform that allows all creators, including those who work on games and apps, regardless of team size, funding, biz model, etc. to be a part of the future of Xbox One.

4:21: Comment From robert t

How expensive is this system gonna be

4:21: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

We have not announced price yet...look for details on that later this year.

4:22: Comment From Josh

Will there be headset bundled with every Xbox One?

4:23: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

We'll have details on accessories at's only 18 days away now.

4:23: Comment From blame space

Which areas of the Xbox One will you be focusing on at your E3 presentation?

4:24: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Games. Games. GAMES :)

4:24: Comment From Shane

Hey Larry, you wanted to share with us the controller. Can you maybe list some of the awesome things that you have updated in it. Also what are the two buttons where "start" and "back" used to be. Lastly, how does the new battery pack work?

4:25: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

The new controller is awesome I have spent a lot of time with it. If you like the Xbox 360 controller, you'll LOVE this controller. We have made over 40 improvements in the new design.

4:26: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Regarding the Start and Back buttons, they'll perform similar functions but right now we don't have final names for them yet.

4:27: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

The controller takes 2 AA batteries. More details at E3

4:28: Comment From Guest

How about My achievements earned on the 360, will they be visible on the one?

4:28: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Yes your achievements and Gamerscore will carry over to Xbox One.

4:29: Comment From paul

hey larry, will there be any support for 3d or 4k?

4:30: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Indeed. Xbox One supports BOTH 3-D and 4K.

4:30: Comment From belvedere350

Simple question. Can I opt to exclusively use the controller and NOT Kinect?

4:31: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

As always, that is a decision up to game creators.

4:31: Comment From Guest

What's the word on backwards compatibility with 360 games?

4:33: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Xbox One hardware is not compatible with Xbox 360 games. We designed Xbox One to play an entirely new generation of games. Games are architected to take full advantage of the state of the art processors and infinite power of the cloud.

4:36: Comment From Guest

Does the new Kinect handle smaller rooms better than the Kinect 360?

4:37:Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

It does. It has a much wider field of view which will allow it work in smaller spaces.

4:38: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

a 1080p wider field of view even!

4:39: Comment From Conrad Fenech

Simple question. Do you plan to make Xbox LIVE available worldwide, or it will remain available to a number of selected countries?

4:40: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Good question....we are working hard at making Xbox LIVE available in as many regions as possible. Currently we are in 41 countries.

4:42: Comment From xb1

What feedback have you received from devs about the console?

4:43: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

They are very excited for Xbox One and the power of Xbox LIVE that will power it…as well as the unique aspects of Kinect and SmartGlass they can tap into

4:44: Comment From Jon Dons

Do you believe you've done enough to make the hardcore gamer happy while still appealing to a wider audience?

4:45: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

The hardcore gaming audience has given us some great feedback, and we watch that feedback carefully. I think they’ll be happy after E3.

4:47: Comment From James O

any specific examples of how the new Xbox Live power will help games?

4:48: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Indeed…the new architecture allows developers to do processing in the cloud in really really smart ways. That will results in much richer gaming experiences than ever before.

4:48: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Again more at E3 :)

4:49: Major Nelson (Larry Hryb):

Thanks for all the great questions....sorry we could not get to all of them. I encourage people to look at the official Xbox One FAQ we’ve posted that may answer more questions

4:50:Jason Gilbert, Yahoo News:

I want to thank Larry for taking time out of his day (and staying twenty minutes late) to answer all of your questions. We didn't get to nearly all of them, of course, with over 7000 questions in about 40 minutes.

4:50: Jason Gilbert, Yahoo News:

Thanks for coming everyone, and we're looking forward to getting even more of those questions answered at E3.

4:51: Jason Gilbert, Yahoo News:

Good night, all!

What do you think of this chat? Were your questions answered? What questions did you want to see addressed? Are you excited about 3D and 4k showing up in the Xbox One? Sound off in the comments below.