A Brooklyn gospel singer is suing McDonald’s after she bit into a piece of glass found in her chicken sandwich. She said the glass scratched her throat and permanently damaged her voice.

“I have to make a lot of calls for work, and I have to tell people that I’m not a man,’’ Jacqueline Simpson, 52, a clerk for the state Attorney General’s Office, told the New York Post. “Before, that never happened.”

Simpson filed the lawsuit on May 17 in Brooklyn Supreme Court. She said she bit into the glass at a Broadway McDonald’s near the World Trade Center in May 2010.

“Now when I sing, I have a hoarse, rattly voice,” she said. “I still sing alto, but I can’t sing soprano like I used to.”

The same day Simpson filed suit, McDonald’s reached a settlement in another case.

Members of Michigan’s Muslim community sued the the fast-food chain for falsely advertising that its food was halal or prepared according to Islamic law, the Associated Press reports. A judge finalized a $700,000 settlement in the case, where a man bought a chicken sandwich and later found out it wasn’t halal.  

A Chicago mother sued McDonald’s for $50,000 after her toddler ate a used condom in the restaurant’s play area, the Sun-Times reports. Anishi Spencer said her two sons, Jonathan, then 3, and Jacquel, 2, found a condom on the floor. The boys' mother claims that later Jacquel coughed up a piece of the condom and that both toddlers had to received medical treatment.