It's a case involving a singer and YouTube video which has parents livid, prosecutors pushing for 20 years of jail time, and some Facebook users calling for a much lighter punishment, or nothing at all.

School officials and prosecutors in Eastern Michigan recently found out about the video, which was posted online last week.

On Thursday, Evan Emory, 21, was charged with one felony count of making child sexually abusive material at a courthouse in Muskegon, Michigan on Thursday.

Emory was given permission last month by officials at Beechnau Elementary school in Ravenna township to record a video as a personal project. He sang the Lunch Lady Song for first graders in a classroom. Later, when the room was empty, he went in to sing a different version of the song containing sexually explicit lyrics and gestures.

He edited the video so that it would appear that he was singing the second version of the song to the children and posted the final video to Children's faces were identifiable on the video, according to reports. The video has been taken down since then.

Emory's defense attorney has said his client did not think through his actions and feels badly about the incident, according to reports. 

Emory said he just wanted to make people laugh in a televised interview.

There were more than a dozen angry parents in the courtroom, and protesters outside during the hearing, according to reports. Meanwhile, Facebook users have started a Free Evan Emory page, where some posters have linked to YouTube videos showing network television and cable programs that they say are no different and could even be considered worse.

The singer was released on a $5,000 family surety bond and is set to appear in court again next month. He has been ordered not to come into contact with minors. He has also agreed not to attend any open mic nights in the duration of the case. He reportedly played the video at one such event.