In the latest animal news, a new dog is stealing the thunder from the likes of Grumpy Cat and Colonel Meow. Meet Sir Charles Barkley, a French bulldog who has charmed thousands of Instagram users with his cute mug.

Sir Charles Barkley, named after the retired basketball star, has taken Instagram by storm after photos posted by his owners went viral this week.

The French bulldog’s owners, Paul and Melissa of Seattle, started an Instagram account – barkleysircharles – last June after the pup was born in May. Now, Sir Charles’ Instagram account has more than 8,000 followers and 600 “likes” on Facebook, thanks to a bit of publicity from ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“We wanted an Instagram for him, but we didn’t want to blow up our own Instagram account like everyone with babies,” Melissa said, adding the dog's name was selected for Paul’s love of basketball. Not to mention “Barkley” is one pun-worthy name for a dog, she said.

The Instagram account for Sir Barkley shows the French bulldog pup in a rage of poses from lounging in boxers watching television, to striking a pose in a cozy hoodie to posing with Air Jordan sneakers and a photo of the real Charles Barkley, all in the promise for food.

"He knows how to sit, sit pretty, lay down, roll over, shake both hands and play dead. That’s when we learned he’ll do almost anything for food,” Melissa told Mashable. "From his snorting, whining, burping and farting — he makes us laugh every day."

Sir Charles Barkley is the latest animal to blow up on the net, just like Grumpy Cat, a forever-frowning feline named Tardar Sauce, or “Tard” for short. Grumpy recently reached the height of her fame by attending South by Southwest this month and appeared in a commercial for Friskies cat food.

View the slideshow to see photos of Sir Charles Barkley, the adorable French bulldog, courtesy of his Instagram, barkleysircharles.