Apple has already confirmed that new product iPhone 4S has major battery life problems, but now the tech giant will have to answer for another episode of user frustration: Siri, the new voice assistant feature on the iPhone, is reportedly not working, with massive outages reported across America on Nov. 3.

Apple confirmed on Nov. 2 that iOS 5, the latest version of the iPhone/iPad/iPhone Touch operating system, was causing problems for users. Battery life has been draining beyond all expectations on the new iPhone 4S.

Though the company insisted that only a small number of costumers were having issues, Apple admitted that a few bugs had been found that were causing the product's battery drain. We will release a software update to address those [bugs] in a few weeks, Apple's statement read, implying that users would have to rely on the DYI battery saves sweeping the Internet or at stay close to electrical outlets and their MacBook chargers.

At around 11 a.m. PST however, tech web sites began to report apparent outages of the Siri app, with reports of the feature being down growing by the minute. It looks like Siri is experiencing an extended outage, according to several tipsters, tweets, and our own internal tests, TechCrunch reported earlier. As of 2 p.m. Siri appears to be working on some devices again, but other users report the feature is still down, and mroe worry about another outage in the near future.

Siri is a beta product, meaning some glitches are expected, but an extended outage is definitely a cause for concern, both with users and with Apple. Siri was also down immediately following its worldwide launch on Oct, 14, but the outage was temporary and didn't appear to have any long-term effect on the app's functioning.

Having such a mega-hyped feature's basic reliability called into question for the second time, and within a month after the app was released, looks bad for the company. Apple however, isn't helping matters, refusing to comment on Siri not working and declining even to confirm that such mass outages are happening.

Without information from the company, it will be hard for tech sites and users to come up with DIY fixes to the problem, since it's not clear whether the issue lies with the networks or with another bug in the iPhone 4S. So far, the only advice sites have been able to offer is to turn off all other programs not currently in use. If Siri is not working because of a bug similar to the battery drain, this may turn it back on.

Corrupted contact data may also be at the root of the problem, VentureBeat says. Clearing the contacts data and re-uploading it has fixed the battery drain problem for some, the site reports. It may do the same for the Siri app on your iPhone 4S.

While users wait for a promised iOS 5.01 update that Apple promises will help them with battery life problems meanwhile, we've compiled the top DIY fixes to iPhone 4S battery drain. It wouldn't hurt to try out our 10 Tips to Improve Bugs in Apple Software and see if it doesn't improve Siri, our at least stop the problems user are having with other iPhone 4S features and apps.

Keep checking back as we learn more on the issue, and for when Apple comments on the latest issue, Siri not working, to plague their recently unveiled iPhone 4S.