When the Galaxy Nexus debuts, it will feature a voice typing function that allows for writing emails, texts or any kind of writing to be done with the human voice. Samsung's Galaxy S2 has this type of feature already, as does the iPhone 4S. But those two devices also talk back, with iPhone 4S' Siri being the most capable in that area.

Samsung is also the manufacturer of the Galaxy Nexus, so why they didn't include the Voice Talk function is a mystery. It could have something to do with the fact that Galaxy Nexus, while made by Samsung, is really a Google phone. Furthermore, when it goes on sale, it will mark the debut of the new Android 4.0 update that features almost a complete rebuild of the popular OS. Android 4.0 has plenty of new features, but the voice typing comes up short when compared to Siri, iPhone 4S' voice recognition software that has been such a huge hit. With voice typing on Galaxy Nexus, users will be able to touch the microphone on the digital keyboard and start talking to write text. It will include support for more than 20 languages, however, compared to Siri that is only available in three languages now. Apple has indicated it will add more languages in 2012, though. Voice typing on the Galaxy Nexus may not be the type of function that Google is bragging about, but when it's coupled with Galaxy Nexus' 4G speeds and super fast dual-core processor, it could just the right fit for Android's new flagship phone.

That's not to say Google is going for an anti-Apple stance. Siri might be a bit of an experiment, but Android 4.0's own Face Unlock feature looks to be still working out the bugs. So while the Galaxy Nexus looks to be a formidable iPhone opponent, it still lacks a Siri-like function that captures people's imaginations. On the other hand, once the release date is announced, there could be a surge of curiosity in Galaxy Nexus, and people may find a feature they have to have beyond its 4.65-inch Super AMOLED contour display and five megapixel camera.

Let us know in the comments if you think Galaxy Nexus will be a fitting iPhone 4S foe or if it comes up just a bit short.  

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