Siri, iPhone 4S' now famous digital assistant, is not available on the iPhone 4 or 3GS, but when the new iPhone 5 and iPad 3 come out next year, could she be included? It's far too early to tell if Siri will be on these two highly anticipated devices, but if she does appear on one or both of the devices, it would keep Apple in the top spot of the U.S. smartphone world.

Siri isn't the only feature people are clamoring for when it comes to the new versions of the tech world's most sought after products. For the iPad 3, there could be a new gestures feature that would allow users to operate the device just by waving a hand over a sensor. You could leave your iPad on the table while you wildly gesticulate and speak to someone who isn't there! iPad 3 could also see an improved display with better resolution.

On the iPhone front, a newly designed case with a teardrop shape would be the kind of re-imagining of the device that many are after. The other main feature that would please many iPhone users would be a larger screen. It wouldn't even have to be that much larger, perhaps only a half inch larger. That way, it could keep its high resolution and not wear down the battery too much. That's an important part of what new features will or will not come with either new device. There is only so many cool features that can be added before battery life becomes a serious issue, and Apple likes to keep their battery life long. If battery technology were to advance in such a way that that more power could could be had in the same amount of space, then many devices would probably be able to do more things. Until then, Apple products may not be able to put every possible new feature into every device, but Siri on iPhone 5 and iPad 3 would be quite a step. Tell us in the comments what features you want to see in the next iPad and iPhone.