As if divorce and polygamy weren’t enough to whet an audience’s appetite for drama, “Sister Wives” is pushing the envelope a bit further with its impending tell-all special television event. According to a new teaser video, it looks like the family patriarch, Kody Brown, was ready to call the whole show off after an on-screen argument during the most recent season.

A “Sister Wives Tell All” special set to be shown after the premiere of a new episode on TLC Sunday, March 1. On the heels of all the teasing about the real reason why Brown will divorce his first wife, Meri, and marry his youngest wife, Robyn, the finale and special will have him open up about the recent controversial statements he made about his wives’ menstrual cycles.

According to RealityTea’s recap of the episode in question, Brown lectured his wife Christine about her emotions and said in a talking-head interview that he feels their alleged premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, can make his four wives “insane.”

The comment sparked a firestorm of controversy around Brown and “Sister Wives.” In the special, he apologizes for the remarks.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t understand it well enough. And I’m sorry that it becomes a very offensive and polarizing thing,” he says in a promotional video (via Us Weekly). “I actually apologized to Christine about this whole experience, but the PMS subject -- in spite of being married for so many years -- was a new problem to me. And so, when it became a real thing to me, it was a place where I was very insensitive about it.”

Stacking the PMS controversy on top of some comments he made to Christine about their courtship not being long enough, Brown said he was ready to begin the process of exiting the show, which he’s been letting into his private life since 2010, as soon as that episode aired.

“I literally started talking to the family the week after that aired,” he says in the video. “I started talking about, how can we get out of this show? I was dead serious. I had had enough.”

Luckily for fans of “Sister Wives,” the show has been renewed for Season 6, and it appears as though the heat from the PMS controversy has died down enough for Brown and his four wives to keep moving forward.

The “Sister Wives” Season 5 finale will be shown on TLC Sunday, March 1, at 8 p.m. EST.