A big decision on “Sister Wives” will be revealed Sunday night, and it could determine the fate of the show if Meri decides to take Robyn up on her surrogacy offer. The ladies are just two of Kody Brown’s wives in the TLC series that centers on their life. Viewers have watched the different types of issues that come up in a polygamist family and are anticipating what would happen should Meri actually allow Robyn to be a surrogate.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Sunday’s episode will show that Janelle’s weight loss comes to a standstill, the reality-television family will be burning the bag Kody used to go from house to house -- or, rather, wife to wife -- and, most important, fans will find out the burning answer to the surrogacy question.

The proposal first surfaced at the end of last season when Robyn gave birth to Samuel. She was overjoyed moments after her son was born and then offered to help Meri welcome a child of her own into the world.

For this entire season, there hasn’t been one hint or mention of surrogacy between the Brown women -- that is, until this Sunday. In the episode called “A Wife Decides,” although it should probably be titled a “Wife and Husband Decide,” the series promises to reveal once and for all if Meri has decided to accept Robyn’s offer -- and whether Robyn was serious about going through with the proposition.

If the decision is yes, most fans of the series will probably want to see how the pregnancy goes in another season. But, according to the Stir, there’s not much excitement left to reveal in the show, so if the decision is no, it could lead to the end of the Browns’ reality-TV career on “Sister Wives” in the near future.

“Sister Wives” is shown on TLC Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT.