The Brown family is back! And according to the Season 6 trailer of the hit reality series “Sister Wives,” it looks like everyone’s favorite family will be enduring even more drama when the reality show returns this fall.

In addition to announccing that the Season 6 premiere date of “Sister Wives” is Sunday, Sept. 13, the network also gave viewers a sneak-peek look at the upcoming season of the reality series, which is based on a polygamist family living in Nevada.

In the promo video, viewers watch as “Sister Wives” picks up just where Season 5 left off – with Kody and Meri’s divorce. But the Brown patriarch is nowhere to be found in the two-minute trailer. Instead, Meri discusses her legal separation from her husband of 24 years with Kody’s (now legal) wife Robyn.

“The divorce is final. It’s done,” Meri confirms the news to her sister wife before revealing that not even Kody knows it’s official. “I haven’t told Kody yet.”

“You should probably do that,” Robyn says, looking a bit perplexed that Meri hasn’t broke the news to him.

The camera then cuts to Robyn in a confessional where she divulges how “awkward” it is that Meri is confiding in her instead of Kody. “This isn’t proper,” she concludes.

But that’s just the beginning of cringe-worthy moments set to occur in Season 6 of “Sister Wives.” A synopsis for the upcoming season suggests that Kody and the sister wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – will come at a “crossroads in their relationships” following the divorce.

“While the divorce from Kody was supposed to be just a document shuffle, it has become nothing like what the family thought it would be. So much has changed and the whole family struggles to figure out how to move forward,” the summary states.

Season 6 will also explore a shift in the family’s structure as the Brown's begin their journey to legally adopt Robyn’s children (from a previous marriage) in addition to learning the news of Robyn’s pregnancy.

“Sister Wives” will return with a two-hour television event on Sunday, Sept. 13, at 9 p.m. EDT, starting with the Season 6 premiere and concluding with the special installment “Best of Sister Wives Tell All.”