“Sister Wives” star Meri Brown is no stranger to tweeting out inspirational and thought provoking posts in under 140 characters or less. But on Sunday night, the TLC reality star had thousands of fans worrisome when she shared out an alarmingly cryptic post to her Twitter account.

“Having faith in the unseen can be so hard sometimes,” Meri, who stars on the TV series that documents the life of her polygamist family, began. “Gotta just pull up your bootstraps and deal. And trust. Always trust.”

Could Meri’s shaken faith have had something to do with her recent divorce? In the Season 5 finale of “Sister Wives,” Meri confirmed that she was legally separating from her husband of 24 years, Kody Brown.

“I’m not going to lie -- it is a little bit scary for me doing this divorce,” she admitted during a confessional on the TLC show, before explaining the selfless reason she wanted to give up her title as Kody’s legal wife.

Meri elaborated she wanted a divorce from the patriarch of the Brown family so that he could marry his fourth spiritual wife, Robyn (who revealed she is pregnant with Kody's 18th child in June). The family's hope was that the legitimate union between the two would bolster Kody’s chances of adopting Robyn’s children from her previous relationship.

Many of Meri’s followers on social media reached out to the sister wife, questioning her state and offering their well wishes. But their concern for the TV star only worsened when a second tweet was published.

“Even just a small loss is a loss. Sometimes you wonder how you’ll deal with something you’ve had, and now it’s gone,” Meri continued.

Many sent their condolences to the mother of Mariah, despite being unaware of what was actually causing Meri grief. Luckily one Twitter user recieved a response from the beloved reality star, which put the minds of fans at ease.

Phew! That's a relief.

“Sister Wives” will return to TLC with Season 6 this fall.