The shocking truth behind Meri’s divorce from Kody was finally revealed in the season finale of TLC’s hit series “Sister Wives.” In the previous episode of the reality show, fans were left with a major cliffhanger as they watched Meri, Kody’s first and legal wife, seek out a lawyer to discuss the possibility of divorcing Kody.

But why did she want to separate from her husband? And what would this mean for “Sister Wives”? Speculation abounded during the show's two-week break. But the surprising answer was finally unveiled when “Sister Wives” returned for the airing of episode 10, “Divorce.”

“Robyn has her three kids form her previous marriage that we have wanted to get adopted by Kody,” Meri said during tonight’s installment. “But to do that she’ll need to have a legal marriage to Kody.”

Due to Nevada State Law it is illegal to have more than one marriage, which is why Meri decided to relinquish her lawful title of being Kody’s partner to her husband’s fourth spiritual wife.

“I’m not going to lie -- it is a little bit scary for me doing this divorce,” she confessed. “And having it really be for nothing as far as the possibility of not being able to adopt the kids.”

There are many steps needed to be taken before Kody can adopt Robyn’s three children, who allegedly have an “unhealthy relationship” with their father. But according to Meri, because polygamy is “looked down upon," as “a questionable choice of how to organize your family,” she doubted they would be qualified to adopt Robyn’s children. However, surrendering her title was a chance Meri was willing to take out of fear Robyn’s children could be “pulled away” from their family.

Before discussing the potential divorce, Meri sought out her lawyer to see just how smooth the split would be.

“I don’t want to make this difficult for the kids,” she explained. But unlike Meri’s wish for the simple shift in her family, the finale was anything but relaxed. Every scene in episode 10 was filled with tense moments as Meri explained her plan to the rest of family.

Meri sat down with Robyn and Kody first during an impromptu family meeting to reveal she wanted a divorce from Kody so the two could get married and try to get Robyn’s children adopted. Robyn immediately started to tear up. “You sure?” she asked with swollen eyes.

“I was shocked,” Robyn said during her confessional. “It was huge to me. I love that woman.”

While Robyn was smitten with Meri’s selfless idea, Kody wasn’t so sure.

“Are you promising nothing's going to change for us?” he asked his wife, which put Meri on edge. Kody explained he was scared Meri had brought up “the D word.” But she assured him she wouldn’t have considered a divorce if it weren’t for Robyn’s children.

The next task on Meri’s list was to announce the news to Janelle and Christine -- something Kody was “a little bit nervous” about. Meri mirrored his worries, wondering if her fellow sister wives would wonder why she had never divorced Kody for their sake. However, that wasn’t the case. Christine immediately understood what needed to be done for Robyn’s children to sport the last name Brown.

“I just want those kids adopted. I want to know we have them,” Christine said after Meri announced the big reveal.

Unlike Christine, Janelle was a little skeptical of how this shift would affect their family. Initially she refused to comment on the divorce after producers prompt her reaction. But in her confessional Janelle came clean, saying she didn’t know how to react.

“Only emotion I was feeling was shock. I had no thoughts,” she admitted.

Following Janelle’s not-so-ecstatic reaction, Kody approached his second wife to discuss the divorce. She explained the news caught her off guard. “I didn’t have any words. It’s just always been one way,” she told Kody.

Janelle continued to explain she’s “never been so great with change” and the divorce really highlighted her insecurities. “I don’t know what I’m in for,” she said. “I’m worried it would change the dynamic. I know it’s irrational, [but] I’m worried somehow this would have you favor Robyn.

Kody promised nothing would change, that he wouldn’t ride off into the sunset with Robyn. “It’s just procedural so that we can bring her kids in the family,” he said. After stating her concerns, Janelle revealed the adoption of Robyn’s children was important to her.

The episode then concluded with Meri, Robyn and Kody in the office of their lawyer to finalize the divorce. “We’re actually doing this. Right here right now,” Meri said clearly emotional as she signed the papers that would end her long, loving and legal marriage to Kody.

“This is very special,” Robyn said with tears before stating the war of Kody adopting her children has only just begun. “And we’ve just won the first battle.”