“Sister Wives” star Meri Brown has become the latest victim of catfishing, an act where a person takes on a fictional online persona with the intentions of luring their target into a relationship. The spiritual wife of Kody Brown admitted that she was tricked into having an emotional affair online with a woman who was impersonating a man.

“During an emotional and vulnerable time earlier this year, I began speaking with someone online who turned out to be not who they said the were,” the 44-year-old TLC star told People magazine after voicemails between her and the catfisher leaked. “I never met this person and I regret being drawn into this situation, but I hope because of it I can help others who find themselves in similar circumstances.”

Meri, who married Kody in April 1990, experienced a difficult year after legally divorcing her husband in 2014. The reason Meri decided to relinquish her title of Kody’s legal wife was so that her fellow sister wife, Robyn, could marry the Brown patriarch, giving him a better chance at adopting the fourth sister wife’s three children, Dayton, Aurora and Breanne, whom Robyn had in a previous relationship.

During Season 6 of “Sister Wives,” which premiered in September, Meri and Kody’s divorce was finalized, which allowed the polygamist to marry Robyn. The couple then received permission from Robyn’s ex to allow Kody to adopt the children – as well as received Dayton, Aurora and Breanna’s blessing. The couple’s last step to getting Robyn’s three children officially adopted by Kody is making their plea to the judge of why the children should become Browns.

“It comes down to the judge and how he feels about plural families,” Christine, Kody’s third sister wife, noted in episode 4 of “Sister Wives.”

In addition to the adoption drama, Robyn and Kody also confirmed in June that they were expecting their second child together.

“We are so happy to announce an eagerly expected new member of the Brown family,” the excited parents revealed to Us Weekly in a statement.

So, how did the large and growing Brown clan react to Meri's catfishing scandal? Well, Meri explained to People magazine that Kody and her three sister wives, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, have been nothing but supportive of her since the incident.

“Throughout this ordeal, my family has supported me and stood by me,” she said. “I am grateful to them for their love and strength through this difficult time.”

“Sister Wives” airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.