“Sister Wives” might have aired its anticipated season finale episode on March 1, along with a seriously juicy tell-all, but that hasn’t stopped fans of the hit TLC reality series from reaching out to the Brown family with burning inquiries about their current situation.

In the last episode of “Sister Wives,” Kody Brown's first wife, Meri, revealed the surprising reason why she had sought out a divorce lawyer: “Robyn has her three kids from her previous marriage that we have wanted to get adopted by Kody,” Meri explained. “But to do that she’ll need to have a legal marriage to Kody.” That meant Meri would have to divorce her husband of 24 years.

Robyn, Kody's fourth wife, was in awe over Meri’s generosity, understanding the difficulty Meri must have faced to even contemplate separating from the love of her life.

“I was shocked,” Robyn admitted during her confessional after learning the news. “It was huge to me. I love that woman.”

However, not everyone was thrilled to hear about the shift set to occur in the Brown family -- and we’re not just talking about Janelle’s -- Kody’s third wife -- dismal reaction. Fans took to Twitter to state their concerns, turning Robyn into a prime target for callous messages.

After a few days of having her inbox flooded with overwhelming and berating messages on Twitter, Robyn decided enough was enough. “So I tried something the last few days,” she said in a recent tweet. “I tried answering a lot [of] hate messages and questions thrown my way from fans. It has taught me a few things.”

Robyn explained that she learned “some people, no matter the truth you tell them, just want to hate,” adding that the critics seemed to thrive on their anger. “It seems to give them life. It was strange to watch,” she said.

Kody’s fourth spiritual wife said she discovered “some people really want to know the truth [and] have intelligent questions. They usually accepted what I said. They just want to understand.” She added, “Some people are really seeing what [and] who we are: a loving family just doing our best to make it work.” She elaborated that those people seem to flourish in love. “It really made me hopeful. It made me have faith in mankind.”

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"Sister Wives" will return on TLC this September.