A skeleton prop that turned out to be a real human skeleton at the London Dungeon has been named after thin and lean British supermodel Kate Moss.

A rib-cage and backbone of the remains of Skeleton Kate have been found to be genuine. Another skeleton, known as Twiggy, is also suspected to be real and will be examined, the Dungeon authority said.

“I need to go back and examine that one more closely when the Dungeon team can get it down from the wall. But from what I could see it looks either human or a combination of some human and some artificial parts,” Bill Edwards of London's Guy's Hospital's Medical Museum who confirmed the Kate remains as genuine, told the Daily Mail.

If Twiggy is also found to be a human skeleton, the Dungeon authority will have to buy the license for keeping real bones from UK’s Human Tissues Authority.

The ghastly prop has been an exhibit at the popular tourist attraction since it opened in 1974. Both the skeletons are thought to date back to former days of anatomical research when smuggling of bodies for dissection from the Far East was a regular occurrence.