ESPN commentator Skip Bayless called Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh Bosh Spice to his face during Wednesday's First Take broadcast on ESPN.

Bayless has repeatedly referred to Bosh as Bosh Spice in the past, a reference to the Spice Girls, but some questioned whether he would actually have the guts to use that nickname to the star forward's face.

I thought the 'Bosh Spice' name was fitting to your soft-like performance on the court, Bayless told Bosh about his use of the nickname on Wednesday.

Bosh responded gently with a smile -- much different than the reaction former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jim Everett gave radio personality Jim Rome over a similarly offensive nickname.

Rome kept referring to Everett as Chris -- a reference to the female tennis player -- to the point that Everett got up, flipped over a table, and knocked Rome to the ground.

Bosh received criticism for his decision to go to the Miami Heat with Lebron James to form a super trio with Dwyane Wade in the summer of 2010. Bosh, and the others, received incredible amounts of pressure throughout the year to win a NBA championship, but eventually lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.

Sports commentators, like Bayless, ripped Bosh all year for his soft gameplay and some have suggested that Bosh could be traded this off-season.

Bosh averaged 18.7 points per game and 8.3 rebounds per game in 2011, but was often overshadowed by the play of James and Wade.