It is now a known fact that Sky Metalwala, like baby Lisa Irwin, went missing under suspicious circumstances while the 2-year-old was under the care of his mother, Julia Biryukova.

The toddler went missing on the morning of Nov 6, and the search for the child has been on ever since.

Sky's disappearance has not gained as much popularity as Kansas City missing baby Lisa's case did. It may be because the case has not taken as dramatic turns as baby Lisa's did.

The half-Indian and half-Caucasian toddler with brown eyes is from Bellevue and his case is about to gain a fresh boost of publicity from America's Most Wanted. The Show will be featuring the missing case of Sky and is scheduled to be aired at 9 p.m. Friday.

In an interview with Q13 Fox, 'America's Most Wanted' host John Walsh expressed his shock and amazement at the bizarreness and vagueness of the case.

According to Sky's mother, Julia, on the morning of Nov.6, she was taking Sky to hospital because he was not keeping well. While on the way, the car ran out of fuel and Julia stopped by the side of the highway, before leaving Sky in the rear seat and taking her four-year-old daughter to a gas station a mile away.

According to the report in the Huffington Post, when she returned an hour later, Sky, who was sleeping on the backseat of the car, was missing.

Who walks to a gas station to get gas and leaves your 2-year-old alone in the car, Walsh asked.

The real key to this case ... is the mom.

Investigation in to the case and the circumstance under which sky went missing revealed that there was enough gas in the car to run a considerable distance, disproving the whole basis of Julia's story. Solomon Metalwala, Sky's father, has appeared in a number of interviews since the child went missing, but Julia has kept light-lipped and has avoided interaction with media or police.

The estranged couple has been fighting for the custody of their kids.