Police in Bellevue, Wash. have released new photographs of missing 2-year-old Sky Metalwala and his mother, Julia Biryukova, which they say offer a more accurate description of what the two looked like at the time of the toddler's disappearance.

Bellevue Police spokesman Mike Johnson told the media that the new photos released give a more realistic portrayal of how Biryukova looks.

Police have released surveillance photos of Biryukova, 30, standing alone in a local store. Biryukova was wearing the same gray sweat suit she wore on Nov. 6 when she reported her son missing. The new photographs of the toddler show him with a low haircut - the way it was groomed when he was reported missing, Johnson said.

The police are hoping these new photographs will jog people's mind, leading to memories of recent sightings of the two before Metalwala disappeared.

It has been 13 days that the toddler has been reported missing from his mother's vehicle.

Biryukova told police that she left her son in her parked car on the 2600 block of 112th Avenue Northeast after she ran out of gas. Biryukova said she took her 4-year-old with her to get help but when she returned to the car an hour later, the boy was gone.

Metalwala's disappearance has sparked a search that includes the Bellevue police detectives and multiple agencies that include the FBI, King County Search and Rescue, Redmond Police and the King County Guardian One Helicopter.

Initially, both parents have helped the police with their investigation. Authorities have also gotten the consent to search Biryukova's vehicle and her home in Redmond.

But through their investigation, police later determined that Biryukova's car had plenty of gas at the time of the incident.

Police has since told the media that Metalwala's mother has since refused their request for an interview regarding her son's disappearance.

According to ABC, police said they have considered arresting Biryukova on the grounds of negligence or neglect, but have decided against it, for now, as they focus on finding the missing toddler.

Watch the ABC video below to see the new photos of the two.