One Skyrim fan has taken the obsession out of the virtual realm and into the kitchen. Vera of Baking Obsession has created a dessert that could be mistaken for a creature straight out of Tamriel.

When we asked our son to make a wish-list for his upcoming birthday, the only thing he wrote there was to have an Alduin cake for his birthday party, read Vera's post on the culinary creativity blog. Under no circumstances could I decline his request.

The cake is a baked depiction of Alduin the World Eater, a dragon from referred to as the Nordic God of Destruction. He was first removed from Tamriel through the last resort of ancient Nord heroes who used an Elder Scroll to force Alduin to become lost in time. He was then sent to the Fourth Era, thrust into the timeline of events in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It turned out by far the most time consuming project I have ever endeavored, the post reads.

The sweet sculpture is incredibly detailed, making it difficult to believe that it is even a cake at all. From the World Eater's beady red eyes to its scaly ridges, the dragon depiction looks like an action figure rather than a food. According to Vera's post, she used photos found on the Internet to model the gargantuan culinary creation.

Although the creature may look menacing perched atop its grayscaled stone, the dragon certainly seems to be friendly to the taste buds. Vera writes that the cake is made of 13''x 18'' sheets of chocolate cake soaked in strawberry syrup and sandwiched with bittersweet strawberry ganache. Alduin's core is made entirely of modeling chocolate, and the scales, horns, and spikes consist of gum paste. The double sided wings are half gum paste and half gum fondant. And lastly, the red piercing eyes are one of the few inedible items found on the detailed dessert: Swarovski crystals.

The stone beneath the dragon says Happy Birthday Tim, the baker's son, transcribed in dragon alphabet. And of course, the birthday boy was more than delighted with his special sweet serpent.

Seeing his happy lit face was priceless, Vera wrote. I hope my dragon turned out recognizable enough, and it gives its justice to the famous dragon.

And the project just might have converted the cooking enthusiast into a Skyrim fan.

I have never been a computer game junkie myself, but this one got me hooked, I have to admit, she writes. The 'Skyrim' is amazing, gorgeously designed game, and absolutely deserves the title the best game of the year of 2011.

This isn't the first time a creative cake has been modeled after Skyrim. Charm City Cakes also baked their own version of Alduin in November.

Be sure to check out Baking Obsession to see the photos.