One of the aspects that makes a game like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim so desirable is the amount of freedom players have. Gamers have the ability to roam anywhere they please, choosing to pursue the main quest or any side missions they encounter.

However, those playing on gaming consoles may be missing out on part of the adventure. Playing the free roam action RPG on a PC as opposed to the Xbox and PS3 allows users to customize and edit game files to enhance their gaming experience.

A website known as the Skyrim Nexus displays such modifications that are available for the PC version. Some of these increase the resolution of the terrain or the faces of characters.

Hell, there are some that add entirely new gameplay elements, wrote a blogger for the Edmonton Journal.

On the day the game was launched, Nov. 11, 2011, over 23,000 fans played Skyrim on the PC, according to TFTS. And with new modification opportunities being launched all the time, more players may be enticed to experiment with customization on their computers.

For the writers at VentureBeat, one of the most alluring mods is the variety of slave Princess Leia costumes available, based on the Star Wars franchise.

The slave Leia mod isn't quite an exact replica, unfortunately -- it's more like the version you'd buy at Party City, wrote Sebastian Haley of the publication. But the barely there bikini/cloth combination is delivered well enough.

For gamers craving to channel even more Star Wars into their Skyrim experience, the Magicka Sabers may be ideal. Basically, these are replicas of the traditional space-themed lightsabers.

In addition to the variety of mods, some may argue that the PC provides better visuals. But the customization possibilities are one of the most essential components to the game, separating it from other RPGs, according to one gamer.

'Elder Scrolls' games have value only because of all the mods available on the PC version, wrote one user in a Gamespot forum.

Check out the video below to see some Star Wars saber battles in action.