HP (NYSE:HPQ) has announced that it will release the Slate21, a slightly different take on the all-in-one PC, at an undisclosed date in September. The touchscreen desktop has a folding kickstand that allows it to convert into a tablet, albeit a gargantuan one – 21.5-inches, to be precise.

For $399 (plus tax), HP is offering a 1080p Full HD touchscreen with a Tegra 4 quad-core processor from NVIDIA that runs on Android 4.2. In a blog post on HP’s website, the company mentioned multiple user accounts and the 21.5-inch (measured diagonally) touchscreen as ways for families and groups to share experiences at home, such as games and streaming services like Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX).

The internal memory of the Slate21 is limited to 8GB, but the company says an included microSD card slot and three USB 2.0 slots allow users to upgrade storage. HP mentions cloud access in the press release, so the Slate21 will likely allow owners to stream content stored online.

The Slate21 can connect to a mouse and keyboard for desktop use, and then the kickstand in back can be folded to allow for tabletop use, with the device performing more like a (giant) tablet. At a time when PC sales are declining rapidly, is HP just kicking dust, or do they have a potential hit on their hands?


Here are the specs for the Slate21 that HP has released so far:

1920 x 1080 Full HD touchscreen

Tegra 4 quad-core NVIDIA processor

Android 4.2 operating system (with HP “working with Google and NVIDIA” on upgrades)

21.5-inch (measured diagonally) reclining IPS touchscreen

Built-in DTS Sound technology

HD Webcam

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