Things are getting pretty spooky in Season 2 of “Sleepy Hollow” -- and we’re only two episodes deep! Episode 2, “The Kindred,” kicked off with Ichabod (Tom Mison) abruptly waking from his sleep after having a premonition-like dream. During his nightmare, Abraham (Neil Jackson) had completed a ceremony that would turn Ichabod’s wife Katrina (Katia Winter) into his very own headless bride. That sparked Ichabod’s desire to retrieve Katrina in the worst way.

On their journey to hunt down Katrina, Abbie (Nicole Beharie) ended up bumping in the new sheriff. Leena (Sakina Jaffrey) is punctual as she is tough and seems to have an extensive knowledge about the Mills girls -- and their mother. “I responded to a few calls when you were small,” Leena explained of how she knew about Abbie’s past. She then revealed how she won’t let “fear and hysteria take root” in Sleepy Hollow now that she’s in charge.

"We are going to bring back sanity to this town," Sheriff Leena promised.

Although Abbie and Leena got off on the right foot in episode 2, the same can’t be said for Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) who was caught with a gun during her first run in with the sheriff. That resulted in Abbie’s sister getting thrown behind bars. Abbie tried to explain to Leena that the only reason he sister was sifting through the archives was because she had asked her. But Jenny took one for the team so that Abbie and Ichabod could continue their mission to find Katrina. Her only request was that Abbie not wait another 13 years before coming to her rescue.

Ichabod knows Abraham cares about Katrina -- in his own wicked way, which is why he thinks the Horseman is keeping Katrina captive in a place that’s sentimental to him: the location of where he proposed to Katrina. Once they figured out Abraham’s hiding place, they decided they needed one heck of a weapon to fight Moloch’s creature.

That’s when Ichabod suggested creating their own monster: the Kindred. The Kindred is a creation cultivated by witches and Benjamin Franklin, that was assembled from the body parts of deceased soldiers.

No one was more obsessed with death than Franklin,” Ichabod said, giving us another fun Founding Father fact. According to Ichabod, Franklin harvested the limbs of fallen soldiers and took the strongest pieces to create the frame of the Kindred. However, the creature was never able to rise from the dead because it wasn’t complete without the skull of the Headless Horseman. Luckily for Ichabod, he got his hands on that missing piece. But Abbie wasn’t too sure of Crane becoming Frankenbod.

“We’re not talking about raising a weapon. We’re talking about raising a monster,” Abbie, the voice of reason, argued. But after acknowledging the risks, Ichabod claimed the Kindred was their “best option” to getting Katrina back.

Thankfully for Ichabod and Abbie, Franklin had prepared and preserved a body, which meant all they would have to do is find it, add the head (which is currently locked away in a bank thanks to Irving [Orlando Jones]) and say a spell to raise the creature. While en route to get the body, Abbie revealed to Ichabod that her greatest weakness is the faith she has in him while Ichabod’s Achilles’ heel may be Henry and/or Katrina.

While the duo were in the process of raising the creature, Henry revealed to Katrina that he knows his father and Abbie are on their way to attempt to save her from Abraham’s clutches. “But who will save them?” he asked the witch. We shan’t forget Henry has his very own horseman thanks to Moloch.

Ichabod broke in to save Katrina, and she explained how she must stay with Abraham or more lives will be taken. Abbie was ecstatic to learn that they now have a mole on the inside -- this will give them an edge against their supernatural foes. And Abbie even admitted that raising the Kindred from the dead wasn't such a bad idea after all. It’s nice to see a monster on their side for a change! Fingers crossed the creature managed to survive the battle against Headless and Moloch's monster.

But the most nail-biting moment of episode 2  is when Henry paid Irving a visit in the psychiatric ward. Henry claimed that he was Irving’s lawyer and needed him to sign papers to confirm their relationship. Irving ends up getting his finger pricked by Henry’s pen and signs away his life in blood -- without knowing it. Tricky, tricky, Henry!

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