Heads were literally rolling during the Season 2 premiere of “Sleepy Hollow.” In fact, we’re still feeling pretty dizzy after watching that drama-packed episode 1 from the hit Fox series. Here’s 11 you need to know of what happened during the jaw-dropping premiere of our favorite supernatural series:

Happy Birthday, Ichabod!

The episode begins with Abbie (Nicole Beharie) throwing Ichabod (Tom Mison) a surprise birthday party. Yep, our Ichy’s all grown up -- 251-years-old to be exact! And while we enjoyed every quip between the two besties during the birthday celebration we questioned why Abbie had only invited Ichabod to the party. Seriously, where was our invite?

But after making a wish and blowing out his candle Abbie received a troubling phone call. “Party’s over,” she said before the two raced to lend a helping hand.

Hang On To Your Heads!

When the two get arrive to the scene of the crime they find a decapitated security guard. “Horseman. He’s back,” Abbie said, identifying the killer. That’s when the two grab some pretty sweet weapons and begin their search inside for the man behind the beheading. But all they come across is another headless victim -- this one happens to be a professor.

That’s when the Horseman himself appeared with guns a blazing. He fires away at the two thus beginning a big, showy blow out of a fight. Is it just us or does seeing Headless wreck havoc never get old? The battle ends when Headless uses a grenade to act as a distraction as he slipped away.

The Key

Once they survive their encounter with the Headless Horseman, Abbie and Ichabod uncover a photo of a key throughout papers of the professor. That’s when Ichabod revealed the key belongs to Benjamin Franklin (Timothy Busfield). Apparently Ichabod was an apprentice of the founding father at the same time he flew the key in a lightening storm.

But according to Ichabod, flying the key on a kite was never meant to discover electricity. It was meant to destroy the key.

“I was hoping fire from the heaven would neutralize it,” Franklin said to Ichabod in a flashback. The key acts a loophole in the rules of purgatory. Instead of one person replacing another’s place in the limbo-like land, a key can allow any one to escape, which is why many covet the key.

Ichabod suggested that the only way to track down the key is with the help of Henry (John Noble), his demonic son who previously betrayed him and buried him alive. As it turns out, Henry is currently the prisoner of Abbie and Ichabod. And while he’s kept captive he’s working on his gardening skills.

“Anything can be tricked into believing a lie,” he said while “tricking” his plants into thinking they were soaking up natural sunlight.

Evil Has Woken Once Again

As it turns out, the entire first part of “Sleepy Hollow” was merely a fabricated scene thanks to the pesky Sin Eater. Oh, that sneaky Henry! “Moloch brought you here for one final mission,” the Horseman of War explained, revealing that Abbie and Ichabod were actually in purgatory. He said that he tricked them with hopes that they would reveal details about the key -- which they did.

Jenny Is Alive

Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) is alive and currently in the clutches of Henry when episode 1 aired. Probably because Abbie revealed her sister was tasked with getting documents regarding the key nearly five years ago and Henry is just dying to know more.

“Just so you know my father and your sister are gone,” he lied to Jenny. But she doesn’t believe Henry as far as she can throw him. He asked her to divulge information regarding the key -- and its no use lying. He can taste her sins.

“I’ve done a lot of sinning. I hope you choke on every one of them,” she said giving us the best quote of the night.

Ichabod’s Struggle With Technology

Anytime Ichabod is fumbling with his phone or even pens for that matter we always get a good laugh. But the writers of "Sleepy Hollow" had us giggling nonstop with Ichabod’s video farewell. When Henry put his father back in the box Ichabod figured out he was buried in sulfur. That’s when he got the idea to blast himself out of the grave. But before his bold move Ichabod wanted to say a final few words. “Did Ichabod just Snapchat his last will & testament? That's my dude right there,” Orlando Jones, who you know as Sheriff Irving, wrote on Twitter.

But as soon as Ichabod finished his video message he realized he had no more memory on his phone. “And none of that got recorded. Wonderful,” he said before exploding out of the ground.

Captured Katrina

Katrina (Katie Winter) is currently in the hands of Headless. And we’re not going to lie -- it’s a pretty good gig if you ask us. He untied her and even offered her some bread. After a bite Katrina takes the knife and stabs Headless in the hand. That infuriated the monster, which caused him to tie her back to the chair -- a little tighter we could assume.

Headless, who we get to see shirtless for a few seconds (holy abs), slipped out of his bloody clothes and into some fresh ones before giving Katrina a gift. After he tied a glowing necklace around her throat she’s was able to see his face. He’s still bitter that Ichabod “stole” her from him but she interjected that she was never his to begin with. That’s when Headless revealed that Ichabod would be dead by midnight.

Moloch’s Plan

In purgatory Abbie bumps into Andy (John Cho). He revealed that Moloch is planning on creating a demon army to take over the world. He also gave Abbie the tip that the way she could communicate with Ichabod is in Moloch’s lair through a mirror. All she has to do is recited the script written below.

Ichabod Learns To Drive

After Jenny kicked some serious butt Ichabod pulled up to where she was being kept captive in a car. Who knew Ichabod could drive? The only problem is he doesn’t know how to reverse. That’s when Jenny scooted him over to sit in the driver’s seat. During their ride the two exchange everything that’s happened to them from Abbie being alive (but stuck in purgatory) to where the key could possibly be.

On their drive to find the key Ichabod gets demon mail from Abbie in the review mirror of the car. “We are survivors you and I,” he said to Abbie when he makes his guest debut in purgatory. Abbie is concerned that Moloch is tricking them again by having Ichabod find the key and even suggests he leave her behind for the safety of the world.

“I made a promise,” he said, reassuring her he would come back.

Benjamin Franklin’s Hiding Spot

Ichabod figured out that code to lead to the key is written in Benjamin’s mysterious language that he concocted way back when. He then came to the conclusion that when Benjamin warned him “the key to success lies underneath the alarm clock” he meant it literally. Ichabod spotted the clock tower and found the key hidden in a brick marked at B.F.

Purgatory Part 2

Ichabod uses the key to break into purgatory to retrieve Abbie. But when he does he realized that an imposter is also there -- and offering Abbie some water. He stopped the faux Ichabod just in time before Abbie is doomed. A fight breaks out and Ichabod manages to escape. Next thing we know Abbie is slicing off his head -- and all because the faux imposter didn’t say “Leftenant.” Ichabod is happy to learn Abbie knows him so well.

Once they get out of purgatory the key disintegrates. But the drama isn’t over yet! Moloch has given Henry a warrior of his very own to act upon his bidding. “How magnificent,” Henry says as he watched his Horseman’s sword burst into flames.

Best Quotes Of The Night:

“Is there no end to this birthday madness?” Ichabod said after Abbie told him that he’s not supposed to say his birthday wish out loud before blowing out his candles.

“Don’t be such a prude, Ichabod,” Benjamin Franklin said to Ichabod prior to criticizing his knot-tying skills.

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