Sleepy Hollow season 2 spoilers
Which new Horseman will fans get to meet in Season 2, episode 2? Sleepy Hollow/Fox

“Sleepy Hollow” news has been kind to us today. Not only have we been told that 18 episodes have been officially ordered for the upcoming season of the hit Fox drama. But thanks to a tweet-happy writer, fans have learned the title name for episode 2.

On May 13, Albert Kim, a writer-producer for “Sleepy Hollow,” revealed to his seven thousand followers that the second episode of Season 2 is titled “The Kindred.” The term kindred suggests one’s family and relations, leading us to believe that viewers of the show will become familiar with someone’s family tree in the sophomore season … but whose?

In an interview with TV Guide, Len Wiseman, executive producer of the Fox series, explained that viewers will get to learn a little more about the evil entities lurking throughout “Sleepy Hollow” -- specifically the four horsemen -- come episode 2.

“We’ll see even more how the four of them are tied together,” Len Wiseman dished to TV Guide.

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Thus far, fans have only truly come into contact with Death and War, which means we still are waiting for the arrival of Conquest and Famine. What horseman do you think we’ll be meeting next? Our bet is on Conquest, considering Mark Goffmann hinted at PaleyFest that the theme of Season 2 would primarily focus on the topic of war. You can check out behind-the-scenes photos of battle scenes from the set here!

Episode 2 was written by Goffman and Kim, which means you know it’s going to be good! What are your predictions for the upcoming season of “Sleepy Hollow”? Chime in with your theories in the comments section below and stay tuned for more “Sleepy Hollow” scoop before the drama airs this September.