Studies have suggested politicians are among the most sleep-deprived members of our society. It isn't exactly surprising given the high degree of stress and anxiety related to the jobs of politicians and policymakers; tight schedules and frequent travelling make the matter worse.  

Research conducted by the UK-based Sleep Council, which compared eight groups, found the average politician got a little over 5 hours of sleep every night. In fact, only hospital doctors (and specifically those on call) had less, averaging 4.5 hours.

Hours Slept a Night:

Hospital doctors (on call): 4.5

Politicians: 5.2

Teachers: 6.0

Dustmen: 6.5

Social workers: 6.9

Mothers of young children: 7.1

Architects: 7.5

Solicitors: 7.8

The results of this study are of concern in that they demonstrate that our politicians, the people responsible for making decisions that affect all of our lives, may not be in the best mental or physical shape to do so, Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council said.

Is this the reason why many of them are caught sleeping or yawning during office hours? Or are they sleeping over matters?!

Here are some instances where politicians from across the world were caught taking a quick nap or yawning during working hours.