Slutwalk will happen Oct. 1, despite mounting tension between protesters and police sparked by the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Slutwalk is a protest movement that started last April, when a Toronto policeman said women should avoid dressing like sluts to prevent rape. Since then, slutwalks have worked to promote a dialogue about sexual and social equality by encouraging both men and women to march while dressing provocatively. Since the spring, Slutwalk has hosted marches and workshops in Canada, America, Europe, and India.

As the rally draws closer, however, some marchers have been concerned about police brutality, posting questions on Slutwalk websites about rally protection and marchers' rights.

According to the Slutwalk NYC website, the organization has all the necessary permits for the march, rally, and demonstration.This does not mean, however, that the organizers do not expect any altercations. We are absolutely taking what happened last weekend into account (especially since they were targeting women specifically), an official spokesperson responded. We have a team of marshals that will be acting as a buffer between you and the police.

Slutwalk NYC starts at noon in Union Sqaure on Saturday, Oct. 1, exactly one week after the Wall Street protests. After the march, there wil be a rally at 2 p.m.