Snap-Chat is a mobile application for people to send videos, photos and drawings to a controlled list of recipients. But the message you send can be gone in a matter of seconds. The time is controlled by the person sending the snap, and varies anywhere from 1-10 seconds.

But last night snap-chat users had their privacy violated when hackers posted 4.6 million snap-chat usernames and phone numbers on line.  Although the post has been taken down, the damage to many has already been done. To see if you have been affected you need to visit  The persons responsible for the hacking have yet to be named.

When you visit that site, all you need to do is enter your user name to see if you were one of the unlucky users that had their information shared by the hackers. On the same site you can delete your snap-chat account if it was leaked. But there is a lesson to be learnt here, and that is be careful what you share on the internet, even the most harmless apps you purchase have the potential to cause damage. You are not obliged to ever share your phone number online. So next time, keep those digits to yourself.