Snapchat, a photo-messaging application that came on the scene not too long ago, has managed to penetrate the mainstream in the U.S., the world’s second-largest market for smartphones, according to data from comScore. The report looked at leading social media apps popular among American smartphone users aged between 18 years and 34 years.

“Despite Snapchat’s relative novelty, it has already established itself as one of the most highly used apps among Millennials (18-34 year olds),” comScore’s vice president for marketing and insights, Andrew Lipsman said in a blog post on Friday.

The post added that the “eye-popping” valuations that social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have received is due to their ability to provide access to “highly engaged audiences at scale, which translates into the opportunity to monetize through high volumes of ads and other high-margin products.”

The Snapchat app also forged ahead of Twitter in terms of popularity among smartphone users, according to comScore.

ComScore found that Snapchat with a 32.9 percent penetration, as of June 2014, was behind only Facebook (75.6 percent) and Instagram (43.1 percent), while Twitter lagged with a 23.8 percent penetration in the millennial demographic.