Harichandan Arakali

I’m a senior writer/India correspondent at IBTimes, covering tech startups, some IT services, but increasingly the technology giants and their interest in India/Asia, from the vantage point of my base in Bangalore.

At a personal technology level, I will probably never be able to decide between my BlackBerry handsets and my Samsung and Moto Android phones, and end up using both.

More seriously, my daily fight is about staying optimistic as a story teller about the world of good that technology can be used for, in the face of all the evidently evil applications it’s being put to. For now, I’m still firmly an optimist.

Thing is, journalistically speaking, bad news is of course good copy, but writing about great tech and business and some cool way tech solved a human problem at scale can be really satisfying and fun too.

I’m not very good at scoops, although I like them as much as the next journo, but what I love most is to see the big(gest) picture explained.

Harichandan Arakali