Sneak Preview of New Woody Allen Movie Starring Penelope Cruz [PHOTOS]

By @EllenKilloran on

Principal photography has begunn Woody Allen's latest film The Bop Decameron, shooting in Rome.

Allen is reuniting with his Vicky Christina Barcelona star, Penelope Cruz, for the movie.

Alec Baldwin, Greta Gerwig, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, and Allen himself will also appear in the film.

Woody Allen
U.S. director Woody Allen (L) and Spanish actress Penelope Cruz attend the shooting of his next movie "The Bop Decameron" in downtown Rome July 11, 2011 Reuters
Spanish actress Penelope Cruz waits during a break in the shooting of the movie "The Bop Decameron" by U.S. director Woody Allen in downtown Rome July 11, 2011 Reuters
Penelope dressing room
Spanish actress Penelope Cruz leaves her dressing room during the shooting of her next movie "The Bop Decameron" directed by U.S director Woody Allen in Rome July 11, 2011 Reuters
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