Happy 420, the day known as a stoner's Christmas. For those who love marijuana, weed, pot, kush or ganja, April 20 is the day to appreciate the herb.

Rapper Snoop Dogg has had no problem expressing his love for weed, and just like every other smoker, he is taking the day pretty seriously. At 12:03 a.m. on April 20, Snoop Dogg released a very special 420 message to fans in the form of a video.

As reggae plays in the background, the video opens up with the red, yellow and green rasta colors with text reading Happy 4.20 From Snoop Lion. The 1:05 minute video shows people exhaling smoke with text at the end reading reincarnated...coming soon.

Snoop's 420 video have fans a little confused about what the special message is, but a couple YouTube users have some interesting theories. One theory is that Snoop is bringing reggae back, the other is that some believe Snopo is trying to bring back Tupac through spiritual remedies.

Either way, Snoop Dogg's video is just another part of the 420 celebration taking place today. Take a look at some photos of Snoop Dogg as he smokes the sticky icky icky.